Dorrie (jub_jub88) wrote,

A hilarious prank on me was pulled this morning, but I do not know by whom!!

I'm home in GE for the weekend because my boss wanted me to work. So this morning, I was about to race on out the door, when I was informed that Dan had gone out to my car earlier, because he saw a bunch of paper on it. He brought in a bunch of pamphlets from Jewel Osco, ranging in topics from:

Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Allergic Rhinitis
Urinary Tract Infection
Erectile Dysfunction

These pamphlets were stuck under my windshield, in the door, on top of the hood, on top of the roof, all over my car (well, not my car, actually, my parents car, which I have been known to drive). There were maybe fifteen or twenty of these pamphlets which had been put there sometime during the night without any of us knowing. Mark's car was in the driveway too, but his had no pamphlets on it.

My first assumption was that it was done by some of the people I work with, considering that they're really the only people who knew I was coming home, and it's definitely their sense of humor. But they deny having anything to do with it, but are jealous of how good it was and wish it had been their idea.

I'm jealous of it, too. It's friggin' hilarious.

Does anyone know who did this? Because it's a genius idea and I want to congratulate whoever did it.

EDIT: Turns out it was the people I work with. Those dorks, haha.
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