Dorrie (jub_jub88) wrote,


My phone rocks. Here are some reasons why:

-I dropped it in the toilet. It still works fine.
-I dropped it in a glass of water. It still worked fine, and didn't even have water damage.
-I've dropped it about a thousand times on the following surfaces:
--Industrial carpet (you know, that carpet that's not real soft)
-It still looks relatively new
-It can hold over 200 text messages at a time
-Its camera is surprisingly good quality
-It came with a free memory stick so I can hold music/make my own ringtones
-My ringtone is SexyBack and it is still awesome

Things that aren't as awesome about my phone:
-Sometimes if I drop it too hard the buttons stop working... that is until I drop it hard again
-The front screen doesn't stay lit when it is closed

..........Yeah, basically, it's pretty amazing. Any phone that can survive my clumsiness like this deserves an award.
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