Dorrie (jub_jub88) wrote,

I was working on my schedule for next fall, and these are the courses I must take:

Macroeconomics in the World Economy: Theories and Applications
Statistics for Economics
Intro to Mathematical Microeconomics
Mexico Since 1850
Mexican-American History

Why this may prove to be a problem:
-I suck at math, hardcore. The fact that I have to take two math based courses at once may be overwhelming, and I'm frightened. Especially since the replacement for mathematical microeconomics is calculus. I wish I could type the noise I would make to express how I feel about this, but I'm not sure how. I think I'm gonna go with "aguuuuuuuuugggsh".
-I'm really not that big into Mexico. But, because the stats class is at the absolute worst times in the universe, the only other classes I can take that will satisfy my requirements are the Mexican ones. So seriously, wtf to that.
-I just remembered that I also wanted to take choir and string ensemble again. But that would put me at 18 credit hours, and I don't exactly feel like committing suicide. (Without them I'm at 16, which is rough enough.)
-If any of these courses fill up before I can register, I'm kind of screwed. They're all quite necessary. One of my more ambitious goals for college is to graduate in four years. Which, considering how I'm double majoring, attending UIC, and have previously switched my major makes it extra difficult. And if I get screwed over by something like this, it's gonna hurt.


Anyway, things have been going well lately. I've been procrastinating kind of a lot, which is starting to bite me in the ass. The rest of the semester is going to be pretty hectic, which is lame.

I drank some Dew at about 9:30ish so I could have enough energy to finish my reading. And I did it! But now I'm not tired :(

Good news is that I've sort of learned how to open up to people/stop pushing them away as frequently, so I've been enjoying that. Made some new friends, so a nice pat on the back for me.

I've been looking for apartments with this one chick I know. We haven't been looking very hard because we thought we were going to get lucky with this one place over in the medical district, but that fell through, which is lame. We kind of have different views for what we want in a place (I'm looking for a shit hole close to campus, she wants something nice and doesn't mind the commute...) which may prove to be a problem. It should work out though.

That also means that I'm gonna start having to look for a new job in the city. New things frighten me.

Spring break on Thursday!! Super pumped, mainly because I haven't been home for well over a month, and also because I'm exhausted. I'm in dire need of some serious chill time. Even though I'll be working 9-6 five of the days, and still want to get some research and other homework done too. Ah well.

I should probably attempt sleep now.
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