Dorrie (jub_jub88) wrote,

OK. So. Honest opinions needed.

It's been about a year since I've gotten a serious haircut. My hair length is currently past the shoulders, and is longer than it's been for... oh I dunno, over ten years? Maybe? Possibly. Lately, the reactions I've been getting are: "Oh my gosh! Your hair is so long! ....It looks good though" Which has the potential of being total bullshit. Now, personally, I think it looks alright, because when I had shorter hair, it kind of made the back of my neck look nasty, IMO. But sometimes, being longer, it gets all poofy and crap and looks stupid. It can also be a pain in the ass to take care of sometimes.

So yeah. Please, be as blunt as you need to be, I'd greatly appreciate it.

(Please ignore any unfavorable activities in the following picture, I couldn't find a lot of good hair pictures, and it's three in the morning and I don't want to take one now, ha)


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